Research Spotlights

Scientists and Engineers at USC Develop an on-the-spot, Temperature-Sensitive Gel that Could Seal Eye Injuries on the Battlefield

  • Jack Whalen, PhD, assistant professor of research ophthalmology at the USC Roski Eye Institute envisions applicators for hydrogel beyond the battlefield
  • Shedding Light on Sjögren’s and Dry Eye from the Hamm-Alvarez Lab

  • Translational Research Feature of the Month
  • Dry Eyes-Hamm Alvarez

    A Liquid Biopsy for Retinoblastoma

  • Study indicates proof of concept for using a surrogate liquid biopsy to provide genetic profile of retinoblastoma tumors
  • Berry Press Cover

    Five-Year Clinical Research Study by USC Roski Eye Institute First to Compare Surgical Systems in Diabetic Retinal Detachment Repair

  • Largest study of its kind reviews 400 complex operations showing 90 percent success rate
  • Ameri cover

    Basic Science and Translational Research

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