Fall 2017 Newsletter

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Fall 2017 Newsletter
7th Residency Announcement

Exciting Residency Announcement!

ACGME approves seventh resident complement; first increase in over 30 years!

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds and Case Studies

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USC Ophthalmology Researchers Find More
Effective Treatments For Blinding Eye Diseases


Career Planning


The USC Roski Eye Institute mentorship program was created to give a focus to each resident’s progress and development during his or her training and prepare for a post-residency career, which may include subspecialty fellowship training. At the USC Roski Eye Institute, we are proud of the mentorship and career planning that we provide to each of our residents. The USC Roski Eye Institute’s goals in career planning for its residents include providing each resident with a faculty mentor at the beginning of the residency program, providing consistent and long-term career and research mentorship, and establishing a structure for one-on-one remediation if indicated.

Program Director (PD) and Associate Program Director (APD) Mentorship

At the start of training, each resident connects with our PD and APD, who will closely follow the residents clinical, research and surgical progress throughout the program. The PD, APD and other faculty members directly supervise patient care and lead both the resident curriculum, resident inpatient and consult rounds, didactics and quality improvement projects. By reviewing each resident’s CV, applications for positions, contracts, and references, our PD and APD can provide an invaluable role in career planning.

Subspecialty Mentoring

During rotations, residents are given the opportunity to work with many of the best subspecialists in the field of ophthalmology. Each USC Roski Eye Institute resident will be assigned a full-time faculty mentor at the beginning of first year who will serve as his or her mentor for the remainder of residency. Through the facilitation of our PD and APD, residents are matched with mentors for not only their education, but in the context of their larger career goals. Mentors do not take on more than two mentees at once in order to provide proper focus to each resident. Mentors and mentees meet quarterly to discuss their career progress.

Performance Reviews

Residents have frequent meetings with the PD & APD to track performance throughout residency in order to ensure proper progress in training. Formal evaluations occur every six months throughout residency in order to have a quantifiable evaluation of progress. Should residents score below a certain percentile rank on any section of the OKAP, the mentor and mentee will work together to set up a reading program and plan for remediation.

Fellowship Application Mentorship

The USC Roski Eye Institute residency program provides strategies every year for each resident’s applications to fellowship in ophthalmology subspecialties. These strategies include a review of each resident’s personal statement, program lists, application, and choices of letter writers for success in the next step of their ophthalmology career.

Social Events

The USC Roski Eye Institute chief residents are in charge of scheduling social events with their group of mentees throughout the residency program. These events supplement resident gatherings arranged by the program leadership.

Transitioning Workshops

At the end of a person’s residency program, the USC Roski Eye Institute brings national experts to lecture at the resident graduation. This allows the USC residents to make professional contact with these renowned physicians as they go on to the next phase of their career.

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