Specialty Contact Lenses and PROSE Treatment

The clinicians at the USC Roski Eye Institute provide unique expertise and experience in fitting a variety of specialty contact lenses, including rigid gas permeable, hybrid, multifocal, high toric, and scleral contact lenses.

Prosthetic replacement of the ocular surface ecosystem (PROSE) treatment, a non-surgical option, is offered to patients who suffer from serious corneal conditions and ocular surface diseases. The USC Roski Eye Institute is the third of 12 sites in the nation to offer this service.

Our clinicians at the USC Roski Eye Institute provide a wide range of diagnostic and consultative services. For comprehensive eye exams to determine the best treatment option for you, get in touch with us by calling 323-442-6335 or filling out the online contact form today.

Conditions We Treat

    • Keratoconus
  • Irregular Corneas
  • Post-surgical corneas
  • High refractive errors
  • Aphakia
  • Dry eyes

Diagnostic Services

Patients who suffer from corneal conditions may exhibit severe pain and debilitating vision loss, which can dramatically affect quality of life. Our clinicians conduct comprehensive eye exams and use cutting-edge technology in the assessment of each corneal condition. These services include:

  • Corneal and Anterior Segment Optical Coherent Tomography Imaging
  • Computerized Corneal Modeling Technology to Corneal Topography
  • Wavefront Analyzers

Contact PROSE Specialists

Patient Testimonials

PROSE therapy reduces symptoms, supports healing and improves vision through the use of a prosthetic scleral device that is tailored for each individual. Literature has demonstrated that patients who have received this pioneering treatment experience a notable improvement in their quality of vision and quality of life as a result.

BostonSight PROSE patient Lisa Berlin considers herself to be very fortunate. In her own words: “PROSE and Dr. Gloria Chiu at the USC Roski Eye Institute have both made such a difference in my life that it is hard to measure! When I insert my PROSE lenses, I eliminate pain, attain visual clarity, lubricated corneas and an all-around better quality of life! Dr. Chiu is brilliant, kind, caring and always goes the extra mile to try and help me with any of my eye issues (and I have many!). Because of Dr. Chiu and PROSE lenses, I now have relief from the pain of dry eyes and the scarring!”

Read more about Lisa Berlin’s story as a PROSE patient here:

PROSE Patient Lisa Berlin Success Story


Treatment – PROSE Service

PROSE lensOur clinicians are expertly trained in PROSE technology, which originated at the Boston Foundation for Sight, in Needham, MA. The clinic is supervised by J. Bradley Randleman, MD and Gloria Chiu, OD, FAAO, FSLS, Boston Sight PROSE Clinical Fellow.

Please ask your eye care provider for a referral if you are seeking PROSE treatment. PROSE therapy is a long-term investment, as it requires multiple visits that involve preliminary consultation to determine candidacy, customized fitting, training on use and maintenance of the scleral device, and routine follow up visits.

Please visit our Doctors page for summaries of the basic/translational and clinical research being conducted by our clinicians.

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