DoctorsCharles W. Flowers Jr., MD

Charles W. Flowers Jr., MD

Title: Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology; Ophthalmology Residency Program Director at USC Roski Eye Institute & LAC+USC Medical Center

Department: Ophthalmology

Clinical Specialty: Cornea and External Disease, Laser Vision Correction

Treatment Expertise: Corneal Transplantation, DSAEK, Intacs Implantation for Keratoconus, Laser Vision Correction/LASIK, Implantable contact lenses (ICLs), Cataract Surgery, Complex Contact Lens Fitting, Collagen CrossLinking

Certification: American Board of Ophthalmology and National Board of Medical Examiners

Languages: English

Location: Los Angeles and Pasadena

Biography and Education


Charles W. Flowers Jr., MD, received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Stanford University in 1985 and his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1989. During his time as a medical student he was honored as a national medical fellowship scholar. Following his ophthalmology residency training at the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine in Los Angeles, California, he completed a cornea and refractive surgery fellowship in the USC Department of Ophthalmology where he was the recipient of the Award of Excellence in Resident Training. Dr. Flowers has been repeatedly recognized as one of the nation’s top eye surgeons by the Consumer’s Research Council for his expertise in cornea and refractive surgery.

Research Interests:

Dr. Flowers’ research focuses on identifying best practices for deploying teleophthalmology to screen for diabetic retinopathy in urban medically underserved communities. In addition, he conducts investigations on the use of Anterior Segment OCT as a tool for refractive surgery screening and Posterior Segment OCT of the optic nerve as a tool for assessing post concussion syndrome. In addition, Dr. Flowers is involved in identifying best practices for sports visual enhancement.


  • BS, Chemistry, Stanford University, 1985
  • MD, Cornell University Medical College, 1989


  • Charles R. Drew University of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA: General Surgery, 1989-1990


  • Charles R. Drew University of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA , 1990-1993
  • Charles R. Drew University of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA , Chief Resident, 1992-1993


  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA: Cornea and Refractive Surgery and External Disease


Professional society memberships:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • Fellow American College of Surgeons


  • National Medical Fellowships Scholar, recipient of Cornell University Medical College Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Merit Award, 1989
  • Intern of the Year Award, Department of Surgery, King-Drew Medical Center, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, 1989-90
  • Joint Council of Interns and Residents, The County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Service-Leadership Award, 1991-92
  • Outstanding Scientific Poster Presentation Award, National Medical Association, 1992
  • National Eye Institute Travel Fellowship, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, 1994
  • Award of Excellence in Resident Training, Department of Ophthalmology, USC School of Medicine, 1995
  • Health Data Management Magazine Innovator’s Award, 1998
  • Computer-World Smithsonian Laureate, Smithsonian Institution Permanent Research Collection, 1998
  • Smithsonian Institution’s Permanent Research Collection Computer World Smithsonian Laureate, 1998
  • Teleconferencing Excellence Award, International Teleconferencing Association, 1999
  • “Proclamation” From Los Angeles County Supervisor Burke’s Office, 1999
  • Masters In Medicine Honoree, June, 1999
  • Productivity & Quality Award Sara Stivelman Memorial Award, November,1999
  • Tech Expo 2000 – Best Practices Showcase Award Certificate of Excellence, April 2000
  • RCMI Research Award of Excellence, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine, 2000
  • HUD – Best Practices Award Los Angeles Local Winner, June 2000
  • Safety Net Health System Innovation Honorable Mention In Recognition of Telemedicine Specialty Care, 2000
  • HUD – Best Practices Award National Winner, 2000
  • America’s Top Ophthalmologists, Consumers’ Research Council of America, 2002
  • Winston Crouch Award For Innovation in Government, 2002
  • San Diego’s Top Doctors, San Diego Magazine, 2004-2005
  • VSP People First Award Certificate of Recognition, 2006
  • People’s Choice Most Compassionate Doctor Award, 2010
  • Consumers’ Research Council, 2010


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