DoctorsCheryl M. Craft, PhD

Cheryl M. Craft, PhD

Cheryl M. Craft, PhD

Title: Professor of Ophthalmology and Cell & Neurobiology; Founding Chair Department of Cell & Neurobiology, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Department: Ophthalmology

Clinical Specialty: Age-related Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Gene Expression

Research Topics:

Molecular Neurobiology
Gene Regulation
Genetics of Inherited Blindness
Visual Arrestins
Photoreceptor G-Protein Coupled Receptor

Biography and Education

Research Interests:

As a vision neuroscientist, Dr. Cheryl M. Craft focuses on understanding how the genes expressed in the eye and pineal gland interact with the environment. When these genes are abnormal, the defects may lead to loss of sight and deregulation of the body’s “biological clock.” Her vision research program focuses on understanding the delicate balance of the photoreceptor in health and disease, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and RP. Dr. Craft’s contributions to vision encompass the identification and deciphering of the molecular mechanisms for maintaining normal vision, including arrestins and phosducin, two essential genes that encode critical regulatory components for shutoff and desensitization in both rod and cone photoreceptor signal cascades. Dr. Craft has discovered and characterized the critical regulatory elements of the cone arrestin that are necessary and sufficient for use in targeting gene rescue to all cones to restore loss of high acuity vision. She is currently evaluating the electroretinography data involving the development of alphaB crystallin peptides with therapeutic potential in animal models of age-related macular degeneration.


  • Valdosta State University, BS, 1969
  • Eastern KY University, Teaching Certificate, 1971
  • Univ. TX. Biomedical Graduate School of San Antonio, TX, PhD, 1984
  • NIH-NEI and NIH-NICHD, Post-Doctoral NSRA Fellowship, 1984-1986 

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  • Research To Prevent Blindness Senior Scientific Investigator Award, Recipient, 2008
  • Distinguished Lecture, Dean McGee Eye Institute, University of Oklahoma HSC, Speaker, 2009
  • John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation Founding Association, Honoree, 2009
  • Distinguished Scientist/The MUSES Woman of the Year Award, Recipient, 2009


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