DoctorsThomas C. Lee, MD

Thomas C. Lee, MD

Title: Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and Director of the Vision Center Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)

Department: Ophthalmology

Clinical Specialty: Pediatric Ophthalmology and Vitreoretinal Surgery and Retinal Disease

Treatment Expertise: Retinal Diseases, Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), Pediatric Ophthalmology

Certification: American Board of Ophthalmology

Languages: English, Korean

Location: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Biography and Education


Thomas C. Lee, MD, was educated at the prestigious Cornell University Medical College where he completed his medical degree in 1992, graduating with honors in research as a Howard Hughes Scholar. He pursued his residency in ophthalmology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell University followed by a retina fellowship at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Lee was director of the pediatric retina services and associate director of the Robert M. Ellsworth Ocular Oncology Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell University before joining the USC Roski Eye Institute and CHLA as an Associate Professor.

Dr. Lee has devoted his career to providing the most advanced pediatric ophthalmic care. He is known internationally for his efforts to deliver state-of-the art care to under-serviced regions. Most notably, Dr. Lee collaborated with the Armenian Eye Care Project (AECP) team members to direct a telemedicine and distant learning portal to reduce blindness in babies through patient screening and physician education. Through the telemedicine technology, Dr. Lee could supervise ophthalmic exams and complex ophthalmic surgeries remotely.

Research Interests:

Dr. Lee’s primary research area of interest is pediatric retinal disorders, including, but not limited to, retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), coats disease, and retinoblastoma (RB), as well as developing innovative imaging techniques. Dr. Lee pioneered the use of Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT) to identify retinal detachments at the earliest possible stage. He was also the first to use an intraocular endoscope to perform complex surgery in pediatric retinal detachments resulting from ROP, familial exudative vitreo-retinopathy (FEVR), X-linked retinoschisis, and trauma.


  • MD, Cornell University Medical College, 1992


  • New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, 1992 – 1993


  • New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, 1993– 1996


  • Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA


Professional society memberships:

  • Scientific Advisory Committee Member, Knights Templar Eye Foundation
  • Society of Heed Fellows Global O.N.E. Network, American Academy of Ophthalmology Chairman, Retinoblastoma Biology
  • Committee, Children’s Oncology Group Pacific Coast ophthalmology Society American Society of Pediatric Retina Specialists


  • Memorial Prize, Cornell 1991 Howard Hughes Medical Student Fellowship, 1989
  • Dean William Mecklenburg Polk Memorial Prize Weill Medical College, Cornell, 1991
  • Franklyn Ellenbogen Prize in Hematology and Oncology, Cornell, 1996
  • Presbyterian Hospital Resident Teaching Award, 1996
  • Weill Medical College, Cornell University Heed Fellowship, Harvard, 1996
  • New York Academy of Medicine Resident Research Award, 1996
  • Resident Teaching Award Weill Medical College, Cornell University, 1996
  • Heed Fellowship Harvard Medical School, 1996
  • Distinguished House Staff Award, Society of the New York
  • Fellowship Research Award, Retina Society, 1999
  • New York Hospital Clinical Scholar, 2002
  • Achievement Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology, 2006
  • St. Giles Endowed Chair in Pediatric Retinal Disease, Weill Medical College, Cornell University, 2006
  • Robert M. Ellsworth Lecturer, Weill Medical College, Cornell University, 2007
  • Keynote Speaker, Korean American Medical Association, 2008
  • Award for Excellence in Residency Training, Department of Ophthalmology, USC, 2008
  • A. Raymond Pilkerton Lecturer, Georgetown University, 2009
  • Best Doctors, 2009 to present
  • Barbara M. Korsch Award for Research in Medical Education, CHLA, 2010
  • Jackson Coleman Lecturer Weill Medical College, Cornell University, 2010
  • Barbara M. Korsch Award for Research in Medical Education, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, 2011
  • Ellis Island Medal of Honor, National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations, 2012
  • Morris and Mary Press Humanism Award, CHLA, 2013
  • Clement McCulloch Lecturer, University of Toronto, 2013
  • Pasadena Magazine, Top Doctors in Ophthalmology, 2013 – 2014
  • Bruce Williams Lecture, Montreal Children’s Hospital, McGill University, 2014
  • Senior Achievement Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology, 2014
  • Williams S. Gilbert Lecture, Children’s National Medical Canter, 2014


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