DoctorsShikun He, MD

Shikun He, MD

Shikun He, MD

Title: Voluntary Faculty

Department: Ophthalmology

Biography and Education


Shikun He, MD, is a volunteer faculty of the departments of ophthalmology and pathology, USC Roski Eye institute, at USC. He is a committee member of the International Society for Ocular Pigment Cell Research; He served as the Chairman of Overseas’ Chinese association for vision and eye research for 10 years. He published two books as the Chief Editor in Chinese (Retinal Pigment Epithelium-Principle and Clinical; Ocular Epigenetics). He served as Associate Chief Editor for the Chinese translation of the 4th edition of RETINA (Chief editor: Stephen J. Ryan) 2010. He served a peer reviewer for more than 30 English journals. He has been named as Honorary Professor in Ophthalmology by five Chinese Universities. he received an award for Outstanding Achievement in Ophthalmology and Vision Science for Overseas Chinese in Hong Kong, 2008.

As volunteer faculty, Dr. He will continue to collaborate with Dr. Hinton for laboratory researches in the pathogenesis of PVR and AMD and its relevance to epigenetic mechanism.

Dr. He’s other efforts will be teaching graduate students through formal lectures for NTD 550 (eye anatomy) and INTD551 (Diabetic retinopathy and Age-related Macular Degeneration) at USC.


Professional society memberships:

International Society for Ocular Pigment Cell Research