Gift Giving

Ronni Bergman and granddaughter, Sammi
Ronni Bergman and granddaughter, Sammi

By Sammi Bergman

Ever had a problem with your eye? My grandmother sure has. She has glaucoma which is pressure on her optic nerve. So this holiday season my wish is for her to have a medication that gets rid of her glaucoma completely! I want my grandma to have this because she had 3 surgeries in the past few months. So what this gift is its eye drops and you put 3 in your eye and then your vision will increase and in a few days you will no longer have glaucoma.

Like I said before, this is a gift for my grandma. My grandmother has had glaucoma for a while. Also she has so many eye drops you can’t keep count. Another thing is glaucoma looks so uncomfortable and no one likes being uncomfortable.

Having this medicine could also benefit her even more. For instance, she won’t have to take this backpack that she has for her eye drops everywhere that she goes. She won’t have to put in 6 different kinds of eye drops every hour on the hour. One other benefit she will have is that my grandma won’t have to go to her eye appointments so often at a doctor’s office so far from where she lives. This gift may benefit me a little too. You see, waiting in the waiting room when my grandma is with her ophthalmologist is so boring. (Especially when your phone dies.)

Unfortunately I can’t get this for my grandma. The reason why I can’t get this for her is because it doesn’t exist! Even though it doesn’t exist yet it will when I become a pharmacologist. What I mean is I will invent it and then I will buy some especially for her.

To sum it all up my grandmother has glaucoma and has had it for a few months. So I want to give her the gift of a medication that will completely get rid of it. But since that doesn’t exist I want to make it. Having this will benefit her a lot for many reasons. Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.


When 10-year-old Sammi Bergman’s teacher asked her to write about a gift she might want to give someone for the holiday season, she decided to wish for a cure to save her grandmother’s vision. Sammi has a special relationship with her grandmother, Ronni Bergman, who was diagnosed with glaucoma in 1994.

Sammi and Ronni enjoy taking special trips together or shopping and going to the salon. Sammi is aware that her grandmother must carry special eye drops and use them on a regular basis to control her glaucoma.

Sammi’s hope for a medication to cure her grandmother’s glaucoma has sparked an interest in becoming a pharmacologist when she grows up so she can invent the treatment. Until then, Sammi and Ronni are confident in the care and therapies given by the compassionate team at the USC Roski Eye Institute.

—Ronni Bergman