In Vivo Models and Imaging Core

The In Vivo Models and Imaging Core provides participating investigators conducting basic and translational vision research with access to advanced technologies and highly qualified technical support for generating and performing ocular imaging of in vivo models. The Core provides instrumentation and technical expertise for:

  1. Generating and maintaining in vivo models of ocular diseases, performing surgical procedures, obtaining samples for genotyping, and harvesting ocular tissues
  2. Enabling investigators to use various in vivo ocular imaging and tissue function testing technologies
  3. Training investigators and research staff on the utility and operation of ocular imaging and function testing equipment
  4. Consultation regarding the appropriate animal models, surgical and imaging procedures to address research needs of participating investigators

Core Faculty/Staff

Core Director: Jeannie Chen, PhD
Core Co-Director: Mark Humayun, MD, PhD

Core Staff:

  • Research Specialist: Ying Liu, MD (
  • Research Technician: Fernando Gallardo-Balderas


Animal Surgery Facilities (available through the Translational Research In Vivo Core Facility)

  • Zeiss Operating Microscope
  • Bausch & Lomb Stellaris PC Surgical System
  • IRIDEX Oculight SL, and IRIDEX Oculight Tx lasers
  • The IRIDEX Oculight Tx (Green 532 nm)
  • Synergetics Photon II Laser System

Ocular Imaging Facilities (available through the Translational Research In Vivo Core Facility)

  • Heidelberg Spectralis OCT (anterior and posterior segment)
  • Heidelberg HRT3 OCT (anterior segment, cornea)
  • Bioptigen/Leica Envisu R2210 SD-OCT
  • OTI scan 1000 Ophthalmic Ultrasound Tomography
  • Heine Omega Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
  • Haag Streit Slit Lamp
  • OcuMetrics Fluorotron Fluorophotometer
  • OcuScience HMsERG

Multiphoton (available through the Multiphoton In Vivo Imaging Core)

  • Leica SP8 AOBS Multiphoton Microscope

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