Ophthalmic Molecular and Immuno-Pathology

The ophthalmic molecular and immuno-pathology service at the USC Roski Eye Institute provides state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques for diseases of the eye and surrounding tissue as well as intraocular fluid examination. Our pathologists work in tandem with our ophthalmic subspecialists to determine the underlying cause and prognosis and to ensure that patients receive an optimal treatment plan. Get in touch with us today by filling out our online contact form or calling 323-442-6335 today.

Diagnostic Services

USC Eye Doctors Ophthalmology Experts LAUnder the diagnostic service, our subspecialists will analyze the intraocular fluid, if diagnosis of a particular eye disease requires further investigation and cannot be determined during comprehensive eye exams. If in the case, fluid samples are not sufficient for diagnosis, our physicians will excise minimal amounts of eye tissue for analysis, leaving healthy tissue intact.

Our ophthalmic pathologists are expertly trained in the most advanced molecular diagnostic techniques. The tissue examination methods our service provide allows for analysis of samples at the molecular level. This enhanced diagnostic approach gives our subspecialists the ability to provide prognosis of a condition as well. The cutting-edge technologies offered by our service include:

  • Genomic
  • Proteomic
  • Cytogenetic
  • Immuno-Histologic
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • Molecular Diagnosis of Ocular Tumors and Intraocular Infections by qPCR

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Advances in Ophthalmic Molecular Pathology Research

Our pathology laboratory has become a prominent service both locally and regionally, providing consultation and expertise in the most complex ophthalmic cases. Through an interdisciplinary approach, our ophthalmic pathologists work closely with our team at the USC Roski Eye Institute such as our ocular oncology specialists to determine an individualized treatment regime for each patient. Our primary objective is to ensure that patients have access to the most leading-edge diagnostic techniques that may result in early diagnosis and optimal prognosis. Our world-class experts strive to improve patient care by participating in clinical trials and by continuing to develop novel diagnostic tools.

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Through the use of cutting edge techniques and research into the most effective ophthalmology care possible, patients who come to the USC Roski Eye Institute for pathology care can rest assured that they will find the treatment they need. A timely diagnosis from our ophthalmologists can mean a world of difference concerning your immediate and long-term eye health. Schedule a consultation with us today by contacting us online or calling 323-442-6335. The treatment you receive can help you find healthier vision as soon as possible.

Our Physicians: Narsing A. Rao, MD

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