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Srikiran Eye Institute Residency Rotation Highlights


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The Srikiran Eye Institute (SEI) resident experience is a rich one, not only in terms of surgical SICS training, but also clinically and culturally.

Regarding the day to day clinical and surgical exposure, your mentor for the time is Dr. Avinash, the medical director of SEI. Initially, residents will receive a brief tour of the compound, which will become very familiar after just a couple of days. At the time of this writing, SEI has comprehensive ophthalmology, in addition to the subspecialties of pediatrics and strabismus, oculoplastics, cornea/anterior segment, and retina/uveitis. Residents can spend time in whichever clinic they feel would best suit their interests. Expect to see many things that you’ve only read about in the textbooks here! Please note that the work week is from Monday to Saturday, with both clinic and OR M-F, and clinics alone on Saturday.

A major component of this rotation is the ability to learn small incision cataract surgery, an incredibly elegant surgery with fantastic results. Expect a small trickle of cases on a daily basis, with a large influx of patients after camp outreach days. Dr. Avinash (or designated surgeon) will initially show a few cases of SICS. The first cases will be proctored every step of the way, with more independence as the resident becomes more familiar with the operation.

Expect to busy during this block of time. Residents will be seeing patients in clinic and operating M-F, and seeing patients in clinic on Saturday. If you have a free Sunday, take a moment to explore Kakinada city (approximately 10km away) and the Bay of Bengal (approximately 3km away). If you have a day where clinic is not as busy, consider taking a moment to visit the schools located on the campus. The Sankurathri foundation not only oversees the Srikiran Eye Institute, but there is also a school system (from elementary to high school, and also vocational school).

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