OTEP Student Cristian Martínez Featured on Univision

Cristian Martínez is one of the students benefiting from the OTEP (Ophthalmic Technician Education Program). In this interview with Univision 34 – Los Angeles, he says the OTEP program allows him to study, work in clinic, and attain certification to continue a career in Ophthalmology.


Source: USC Offers a Certification Program to Become Certified as an Ophthalmology Assistant
View the Video Here From Univision 34-Los Angeles
Originally published in Spanish: 11/30/2017 by Univision
English Translation: 12/5/2017

Univision Host: I present to you Cristian Martínez!

Cristian: [Shakes hand] Nice to meet you!

Univision Host: Welcome to the studio Cristian. So you are studying to be an Ophthalmology assistant. I actually did not know that Ophthalmologists required assistants.

Cristian: Many people do not know what an Ophthalmology assistant is. We help the doctor to perform all the exams – whatever the doctor might need.

Univision Host: How long does it take you to receive this certification?

Cristian: Less than two years, and later when you finish the program, you are given a certificate to work in Ophthalmology in various departments. There is a lot of work [In Ophthalmology].

Univision Host: There is a lot of work. You already have a job though you have not yet graduated?

Cristian: Yes, yes I have a job [in clinic] for 2 months.

Univision Host: How crazy! And you haven’t yet graduated! Tell us a bit about your story. You were studying in San Francisco and paying a lot of money for your career…

Cristian: Yes, it was a lot of money. Later, I returned here to Los Angeles to enter the program, and it was less money than in San Francisco.

Univision Host: A lot less money, and now you have a job!

Cristian: Yes, and now I have a job.

Univision Host: This is really interesting – [Shows photo slideshow of OTEP students] — So this an example of what you do at the USC Roski Eye Institute OTEP Program. Here we can see you working.

[Photo slideshow continues to play]

Cristian: Yes! Before the doctor comes, we help with part of the visual exams, checking in the patients, answering their questions and so on.

Univision Host: Do you want to be an ophthalmologist? And do you want to continue in this career path?

Cristian: Yes, When I finish the program, I would like to continue working at USC in Ophthalmology.

Univision Host: So after you get your certification, you start to work and build experience and continue with this career..

Cristian: Yes, yes [in agreement].

Univision Host: Wow – it would have been very different if you had stayed all this career time elsewhere [San Francisco]. And you haven’t paid as much here.

Cristian: No, what I like about the program is I can do the certification and get experience.

Univision Host: And there are a lot of young men studying this, or is this new?

Cristian: It’s not new, but there aren’t a lot of young men studying this.

Univision Host: And to be able to speak Spanish is also very helpful.

Cristian: Yes it’s very good. If you speak Spanish, it’s really good because you use Spanish every day, and with many patients.

Univision Host: And now you work in an office with real patients.

Cristian: Yes, at the hospital at USC.

Univision Host: So you work at USC, they pay you a salary, you study for your certification, and you can continue with this career?

Cristian: Yes!

Univision Host: It seems to me these are all very beneficial!

Cristian: Yes, absolutely.

Univision Host: Your parents will be very proud – are you the first generation to go to university?

Cristian: Yes, I am the first.

Univision Host: [Turns to audience] – and there it is for you to see – thank you so much!

Cristian: Thanks to you!

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