USC Roski Eye Institute Provides Eye Screenings at Lions Club Annual Women’s Health Conference and Expo

The Lions 15th Annual Women's Health Conference and ExpoClub and USC vision screening event on Friday October 2, took place at the 15th Annual Women’s Health Conference and Expo. This event, held at the Pasadena Convention Center was well advertised, well attended, and heavily sponsored. Methodist Hospital and Glendale Adventist were two of the many sponsors. Free flu shots were provided by Huntington Hospital and many free health screenings were also available.

Last year, the Pasadena Host Lions Club offered free vision screening at this event for the first time. According to Linda Birch, USC’s Lions liaison, they had to “beg” people to venture outside to do a screening. They had 18 screenings last year. This year, partnering with USC Roski Eye Institute, and advertising that fact, their goal was 30 for this year. No begging was necessary and with a shoestring staff, USC ophthalmologists completed 38 screenings.

Most attendees of the conference were from the Pasadena area and preferred to be seen in the Pasadena location, so referrals were given for Drs. Flowers, Richter and Ameri.

Throughout the event, many expressed their gratitude that USC Eye Institute was providing such a valuable service to the community, with many individuals representing various groups, including two city council representatives from Los Angeles, ask for contact info for a possible collaboration.

Michelle Wang of Methodist Hospital, the Chair of Methodist Hospital’s Annual Health Fair for the Asian Community, expressed that in the past, they had only a few optometrists representing vision care but that they were honored that this year, the USC Roski Eye Institute will be there. The USC Roski Eye Institute is honored to collaborate with them and we were looking forward to the fair, as Methodist Hospital has been providing great community outreach.USC Free Eye Screening