USC Roski Eye Institute Provides Ophthalmic Services to Special Olympic Athletes

The USC Roski Eye Institute is proud of our specialists who volunteered at the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in July, an event involving more than 6,500 athletes representing 165 countries. Lernik Torossian, OD, FAAO, and Veronica Isozaki, OD, FAAO, provided ophthalmic services to many of the participants.

USC Special Olympics
Closing Ceremonies of the Special Olympics

Torossian and Isozaki participated in the Opening Eyes service as part of the Healthy Athletes Initiative offered during the Los Angeles Games. Volunteer students, physicians and opticians provided thousands of eye exams and glasses that were donated by corporate sponsors.

The prescription glasses were manufactured on location so they were ready for the athletes before they traveled home. Athletes who did not need corrective lenses received sunglasses.

Vision Screening Special Olympics
Veronica Isozaki, OD, FAAO, performing vision screening on a participant

“Volunteering for the Special Olympics was such a rewarding opportunity because we were able to provide care for such a diverse group of people, some of whom may not have access to health care in their home countries. As volunteers, we were able to hear the stories directly from the athletes about their accomplishments at the Games, see them proudly wearing their gold, silver and bronze medals, and personally congratulate them for reaching such a high level of competition,” Isozaki says about the experience at the Los Angeles Games.

Special Olympics
Lernik Torossian, OD, FAAO, and gold medalist in tennis, Jeff Scott

“It was a privilege to be a part
 of the Special Olympics. We’ll never forget their stories of perseverance, joy and success. Truly an unforgettable experience.”

– Lernik Torossian, OD, FAAO

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