USC Roski Eye Institute’s Participation in Asian Health Fair a Success

Methodist Hospital of Southern CaliforniaThe USC Roski Eye Institute’s participation in the Asian Health Fair at the Methodist Hospital in Arcadia on Sunday, November 1, was well advertised and well attended. Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) co-sponsored the event. Michael Driebe, President of the Methodist Hospital Foundation, and the leader of the BLIA visited the USC Roski Eye Institute booth and posed to take a photo with our group.

Other screenings were offered, such as blood test, breast cancer screening, blood pressure, flu shot, bone density screening, mini mental state screening, oximetry, body mass index screening, dental and oral screening, colorectal cancer screening, stroke screening, ear exam, and more. USC ophthalmologists saw approximately 80 patients and had to stop taking in any more patients by 10:30 a.m. due to demand.

USC Asian Health Fair

Mr. Driebe and Michelle Wang (Manager of Community Outreach) both have already asked the USC Roski Eye Institute to support their event in spring for the Hispanic community in Duarte and their annual Asian Health Fair in 2016.  Ms. Wang stated that in the past, the event had only a few optometrists representing vision care so they were felt honored this year that the USC Roski Eye Institute offered free vision screenings. The leader of BLIA also approached USC representatives and requested that we offer free vision screening at their upcoming event in the temple in two months.

Drs. Hossein Ameri, Diane Chao, Jonathan Kim, Arlanna Moshfeghi, and Sandy Zhang and USC Roski Eye Institute staff –  Jay Jiang, Gary Chen, Sylvia Rea, Chui Chow, Amy Atondo — and medical student Youning Zhang were amazingly helpful.