USC Roski Eye Institute First to Partner with Virtual Care Clinic

USC Roski Eye Institute Virtual Care ClinicThe USC Roski Eye Institute will be one of the first clinical services to embrace an innovative digital health initiative—the Virtual Care Clinic (VCC)—debuting at Keck Medicine of USC later this year. This unique digital health care model is created by the USC Center for Body Computing to provide on-demand expert medical care through borderless, integrated solutions that do not always require the patient and physician to be present in the same place.

Experts at the USC Roski Eye Institute will be able to deliver continuous care, monitoring and evidence-based information for people accessing the VCC. The VCC will use mobile smartphone digital health tools and patient data gathering, artificial intelligence and “virtual doctors” created by the same USC Institute of Creative Technologies team that works with the Department of Defense and provided virtual human special effects for the blockbuster movie, Avatar.

To care and treat patients regardless of their location, USC ophthalmologists will employ mobile apps, wearables, augmented and virtual reality platforms, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that are developed by the VCC.

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