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1st Annual World Keratoconus Day

Catherine cropped
In honor of the 1st Annual World Keratoconus Day (#WORLDKCDAY), we’d like to introduce you to Catherine.
For all intents and purposes she is your average 16-year-old sophomore, juggling academics, extracurricular activities and a social life. Last year she noticed minor blurring of her vision and was given contacts. Catherine was told by multiple specialists just to monitor it and come back in if her vision loss progressed. It did. Once her #optometrist diagnosed her with #keratoconus, it seemed like a never-ending journey to find the right specialist. During this process they learned what #corneal cross-linking (#CXL) was, but found out that none of the specialists were equipped to do the procedure as it was just recently FDA-approved in the US. At this point they feared that they might have to travel abroad to find the proper care.
Catherine’s mother, Heather, has been an incredible source of support for Catherine. Late one September night, on the verge of desperation, everything changed. Heather was googling ‘cross-linking’ and found
Dr. J. Bradley Randleman, who had just joined the USC Roski Eye Institute a couple weeks prior. From their very first consultation they knew they were in good hands. “Dr. Randleman is knowledgeable, caring, and took the time to get to know Catherine. None of the other specialists treated us this way”, Heather says. In the midst of tennis playoffs, Catherine had the CXL procedure completed on her right eye first, and plans to have her left eye done next. Catherine and Heather’s advice for others going through undiagnosed eye conditions, pursue it if you think something is wrong, and keep asking questions. We must do everything we can to preserve, protect, and restore our vision.
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