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International Society of Ocular Oncology 18th Annual Conference

ISOO 3- Opera House cropped

The International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO) 18th conference was held last week in Sydney Australia! It was a wonderful conference bringing together nearly 300 ocular oncologists, pathologists, ophthalmologists and systemic oncologists from around the globe. The USC Ocular Oncology team was present in full force. Director of Ocular Oncology, Jonathan Kim, MD, spoke on three important topics for the management of ocular tumors:

  1. Use of PDT laser for treatment of retinoblastoma
  2. Timing of laser treatment for small (Group B) retinoblastoma in the posterior pole of the eye
  3. Optic nerve imaging features on MRI after enucleation for retinoblastoma

ISOO 1- Berry Kim cropped

The associate director, Jesse Berry, MD, also presented on three important topics in the ocular oncology community:

  1. Sharing the very low rate of metastatic disease after treatment for Retinoblastoma at CHLA. CHLA manages about 1/5 of all new cases of retinoblastoma in the United States
  2. How to manage cases of retinoblastoma when the optic nerve cannot be seen
  3. Use of the aqueous humor, the clear fluid in the front of the eye, as a surrogate liquid biopsy for retinoblastoma

The director emeritus, A. Linn Murphree, MD, who established the service and directed it for 37 years also attended the conference to hear updates from around the world and share his experience from years of treating ocular oncology patients.

WOO Group
This was also the second gathering of the Women in Ocular Oncology Group (WOO!) which was founded after the Cleveland ISOO conference by Dr. Berry. She works to encourage collaboration and create community with her female colleagues in ocular oncology. About 12 women met for lunch at the last meeting in Paris and this year over 30 women joined! It demonstrates nicely the need for such a group and the great contributions women make in this field.

Aside from work, the team spent a little time playing as well! They enjoyed dinner at the Museum of Contemporary Art, a gala event at the Sydney Eye Hospital, taking in the views of Sydney Bridge, opera house and harbor, and Dr. Berry walked the Sydney Bridge!

ISOO Activities
At the end of the meeting USC & CHLA made a bid to host the next meeting of the international society of ocular oncology in Los Angeles! After the presentation it was voted on by the ocular oncology community at large and Los Angeles was chosen as the next venue! Look forward to lots of updates as we gear up to host this amazing conference March 22-26, 2019.

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