Surgical Admitting and Waiting

At the USC Roski Eye Institute, we understand that being able to visit family members is vital when a loved one has undergone surgery. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about our ophthalmology care, contact us online or call 323-442-6335 today.

Family/Visitor Information

For your convenience, the Surgical Admitting and Waiting area is located in the first floor Gold Lobby.

Checking in with the Concierge

When you arrive, please visit the Concierge to provide a cell phone number or obtain a pager so you can receive information from hospital staff about your loved one who is in surgery.

  • Please designate only one contact person for each patient.
  • Be sure to tell the Concierge or Security where you will be in case the doctor wishes to speak with you, especially if you plan to leave the premises.
  • While waiting, you can stay in the Gold Lobby, move around the hospital grounds or visit the cafeteria. You can check back hourly with the Concierge to obtain updates, if available, regarding your loved one. The Concierge cannot, however, provide medical information.

Please be aware that some cell phones do not have reception in all areas of the hospital. The pager signal is available throughout the first floor of the hospital. 

Receiving Updates and Information

Refractive Surgery at the USC Roski Eye InstituteWhen information about your loved one becomes available, the Concierge will call you if you have provided a cell phone number. If you have received a pager, the pager will beep, flash red and vibrate to alert you to contact the Concierge. Please have the designated contact person return to the Gold Lobby and check in with the Concierge for further instructions.

At the Keck Medical Center of USC, we value the privacy of our patients. When consulting with your loved one’s physician, we encourage you to use one of our private consultation rooms. A representative from the Concierge can escort you to an available room so that you can comfortably discuss your loved ones’ care.

When it is time to visit your loved one, you will receive a new security badge. At that time, please return the pager to the Concierge, if you received one.

Please note:

  • It usually takes about 90 minutes from the time the doctor speaks with you until your loved one arrives in the Recovery Room.
  • In order to maintain patient privacy, visitors are not allowed in the Recovery Room.
  • You may have to wait several hours before your loved one is moved from the Recovery Room to their assigned inpatient room or returns to the pre-op area. While you wait, free WiFi is available in our waiting area, gardens and fountain areas.
  • When a room is assigned to your loved one, the Concierge will provide you with the room number and issue you a new Security badge.

For more information, please contact the Gold Lobby Concierge at 323-442-9919.

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